Bright Spaces, Welcome Places is a project of Health Equity Alliance for LGBTQ+ New Mexicans (HEAL Plus NM) designed to increase LGBTQ+ access to mental health services and other medical services, build partnerships between mental health agencies and LGBTQ+ communities, and promote training and organizational policies that will increase understanding and acceptance of diverse gender identities and sexual orientations. Bright Spaces started in 2017, by request of HEAL Plus NM members, and has grown and evolved.

Now Bright Spaces lists providers from many more service sectors and asks providers to self-rate to different levels of understanding of gender justice, sexuality justice, racial justice, and disability justice. HEAL Plus NM provides education, resources, and training to providers to continue to build their skills in serving diverse communities and breaking down systemic barriers to care.

Community collaboration and creative process are at the heart of Bright Spaces. We develop art prints with our members and local queer and trans artists to convey a sense of belonging for LGBTQ+ in provider’s spaces.