Hello, and welcome to Numinous Counseling and Wellness in Albuquerque, NM. My name is Bryan Norman, and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who holds a Master of Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University.  I've been counseling individuals, couples, and groups since 2010, and have a wide range of experience, from working with people who struggle with serious mental illness, to folks looking for personal and/or spiritual growth, as well as to those who are in the midst of life stressors, and need some extra support.

I believe that therapy is a dynamic and even sacred process of inner growth. Healing arises when we begin to see ourselves through the lens of compassion. What a difference it makes when we can explore ourselves with gentle curiosity and courage rather than criticism and contempt!

A big part of my role as a therapist is to help you identify barriers that are keeping you from having your best life possible, and to work together to unburden these parts.  When under stress, we have many emotions, sensations, beliefs, and behaviors that overwhelm our ability to see things clearly. In those times, we often feel stuck or trapped. My job is to help you shift that sense of stuckness, see things with clarity, and provide you with some tools to help along the way.

I believe that hope, self-compassion, willingness, being an active participant in your own life,  and copious amounts of humor are agents of positive and lasting change. I am influenced by both Western and Eastern psychological and philosophical traditions, and utilize a holistic, mind-body-spirit approach to guide my practice.  I draw from several modalities, including EMDR, Internal Family Systems, Mindfulness, and Exposure and Response Prevention, as well as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, and Existential Psychology.

Again, welcome to Numinous Counseling and Wellness!


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